As a woman of Lakota and European ancestry, I was raised among Native American communities within urban landscapes. My work reflects these cross-cultural experiences through the combination of modern abstract painting and traditional Lakota art forms. Some works are executed strictly in paint; others incorporate beads, porcupine quills, ledger paper, brass sequins and other materials representing a Lakota aesthetic.

I strive to create honest, inclusive compositions that acknowledge all parts of my history, Native and non-Native, urban, grassroots, and academia. This platform allows me to start from center, deepening my own understanding of self and culture, and then expand upon this drawing correlation between personal and national history, and Native and mainstream art histories.

These works are intended to increase exposure and inclusion of Native American peoples and thought within our daily lives and specifically within contemporary art. The complexity of visual and conceptual references encourage conversations that acknowledge the diversity of Native lives, call out the lack of representation in mainstream educational institutions and literature, break down misconceptions and generalizations, and reinforce the importance of Native voices within contemporary art.

Seeing. (2011). Oil on Canvas. 60 x 60 in.