The Best Booths at Frieze LA 2023

From ARTnews magazine:

“A breakout star of the 2022 Whitney Biennial, Dyani White Hawk has four works on view in the Various Small Fires booth, in dialogue with textile pieces by Diedrick Brackens. White Hawk is invested in reorienting the history of abstraction and reclaiming the narrative that it was a 20th-century invention by white European and American men when it is, in fact, a centuries-old visual language long used by numerous Indigenous cultures. The biennial showcased one monumental piece by the artist, a mixed-media work; of the works on view here, one is a simple abstraction made with acrylic on canvas—it’s just as thrilling as the others.

This presentation shows how broad is her approach to abstraction and how fertile her practice—a preview of sorts for her upcoming solo show with VSF in September.”